Saint Patrick’s Day Run

This race is five miles long and takes the fastest runners only 24 minutes to complete. With as many as 14,000 participants, I find it easy to believe that the race leaders are finishing, before that last of the entrants have even begun running. I could have hung around to prove this hypothesis, simply by turning around. I had a great view of the finish line, but I also had places to see and people to meet, so I didn’t hang around for the ending.

After viewing the race, I rode down to the Arch grounds and took some pictures there. I worked my way back home, with occasional stops for photo-ops until Anne called to tell me that the first of two contractors had asked to move up his appointment. So, I beat feet and headed home. I got 20 miles.

We contracted for new gutters in that first appointment. Our house still has its original copper gutters on it, but they no longer work. Another gutter guy, who had come by earlier this week, corrected our misconception that the leak in the bedroom was due to a leak in the roof or from around the skylight. He convinced us that the problem was gutter related, but he never offered us any salvage rebate for our copper. The guy on Saturday did and got our business.

The gutter work is not storm related, so it is all on our dime. We’ve decided to go with the insurance company’s recommendation for a contractor to fix the storm’s damage. I’ll mail-in their contract on Monday. The second contractor to visit us was a little bit more fun than any of the rest. He runs a tree nursery. Picking out replacement tree(s) is a lot more fun than gutters, arguing with insurance companies, or negotiating with prospective building contractors.

The Mikado, made Friday night a late night. Even so, I was able to get out on the bike on Saturday morning. I rode downtown to watch the spectacle of the annual Saint Patrick’s Day run. The run kicked off at nine and I was in position to view the race, as first the race leaders dashed through the intersection of Broadway and Market. They may have been quick, but they were also rather boring, compared to the more colorful characters that followed in their wake.

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