Winter Birthday, Summer Wishes

A couple of pictures of Jane’s birthday present are included with this post. Anne made this quilt and her inspiration was the preceding sunset photo, taken at the Cabin. A yellow beach chair sits in the sand bowl between the Cabin and the beach. On days when it is too cold or windy to be a beach day, Jane would sometimes read in the sand bowl, which is somewhat shielded from the wind. The front of the quilt is inspired by this picture. The back of the quilt is all about blueberry pie, another staple of Cabin living. You just have to love that blueberry fabric. In addition to berries it is also about brewskis, beach days and books.

I spoke with Dave on Friday evening. He was riding the shuttle that runs between West Lafayette and Indianapolis. From Indianapolis he planned to fly back to DC via Chicago. He attended the BME department’s open house. He said that his interview went well and that he is hopeful of receiving an offer from them. He’ll hear from Purdue in about a month. He said that they do auditory research there similar to what he is doing now. Good luck, David!

2 thoughts on “Winter Birthday, Summer Wishes

  1. What a great quilt for Jane’s birthday! There are so many fond memories tied into the Beach… and having beers on the beach during summer are one of them… Hot day on the beach, the Generations and other Beach People gathered in the chairs, and suddenly, someone comes down from one of the cabins with a basketful of brewskis (and pop, if there are minors involved 😉 ).

    Winter birthdays can be a little difficult at times, but Jane now has a great summer scene to ponder when the snow gets deep!

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