What A Busy Day That Was

Saturday, warmed up enough for a bike ride, so Anne and I launched towards the Park. We cruised through it and headed on to Tower Grove Park. The trail there was still snow covered and the roads were not entirely clear either. We circled that park and then headed over to South Grand to look for some lunch. We ended up going to the Mekong Restaurant, a Vietnamese place. Anne had a noodle soup, with pork and I had chicken curry, which was also served as a soup. Why in hindsight, I didn’t expect it to be spicy, I’ll never know. The food was good, but we both ate too much and felt it, when it we got back on the bikes. We eventually got 20 miles.

On our way back, we stopped off at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Saturday, was the first day of the annual orchid show. The orchid show features 800 blooming orchids in a tropical display infused this year, with a mix of Maya-themed accents. The Garden maintains one of the world’s premier orchid collections and this is the only time of year when this vast, rotating selection from the Garden’s collection is available for public viewing. In addition to a ticket, seemingly everyone was also required to have a camera too.

Anne, Joanie, Pat and I went out to dinner at Oscar’s Café, on Natural Bridge, near UMSL. Two meals out in one day, three if you also count Friday night’s dinner, I’m sure that we didn’t bicycle enough for all of this food. It is time to reacquaint ourselves with that room in our house, with that big box that hums. Ask not for whom the refrigerator hums, it hums for thee. After dinner we went to the Touhill, to see Dance Saint Louis’ presentation of the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. Here is a YouTube link to their promotional video.

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