Frozen Toes

This will be a short post.  Anne and I stayed up late on New Years, 1:30 AM.  After writing the First Night post, there didn’t seem to be too much left to say, but we did manage to get back out on our bikes on New Years Day.  The ride was cold, frozen toes cold.  We got 11 miles on 1.1.11.  How’s that for a lot of ones?  On the way back, we slid into a local sports bar for some Big Ten football.  Unfortunately, neither Michigan nor Michigan State did very well in their bowl games.  Well, at least we got a start on our 2011 biking mileage goals.

6 thoughts on “Frozen Toes

  1. I recently attended a 50th reunion at Purdue and came back all excited to tell my son, Bret, about the new campus additions. I told him about the plastic turf practice field, real grass practice field, a completely enclosed and temperature controlled practice facility, the Drew Brees athletic center which provides study areas, computers, and tutors from the 1st day of enrollment until graduation for the athletes. He looked at me and said: “Yea and they still stink”. My only remaining bit of pride was remembering they told us only money raised by the athletic program was used for the facilities (Drew paid for his center) Purdue class of 1960

  2. …and apparently Tater got yanked from the Bowl by UM after leaking it to the press that the UM “student”-athletes get a free ride academically, in addition to monetarily.

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