The Year in Pictures

I pray that your Christmas holiday was a nice one?  Ours was filled with friends and family members, presents, cooking and then eating [repeat].  This post is another one of those year-end retrospective blogs.  I did one on just birds last week, so there will be no bird pictures in this list.  Some of these photographs were chosen because I thought that they were pretty, some because they were funny, some were just neat and two because they were famous. 
  • The Beaver, The Riverlands, Saint Louis, 3/19 – Jane visited us in March and we toured her around town.  She hails from the Great Lakes State, so we thought to show her our Great Rivers.  We were touring Mel Price Lock and Dam, when she spied this beaver and it was just sitting there.  Maybe as a fellow dam builder he was just checking out what the Corps had built.
  • Pagoda at Sunrise, Forest Park, Saint Louis, 4/16 – I snapped this photo during a morning bike ride in the Park.  The morning light was gorgeous that day.  At least that is what Joy must have thought.  Joy is the self-described blog czar who daily plucks twelve lucky WordPress posts out of obscurity and “promotes” them.  The 16-th being a Friday and as czars don’t work weekends, her promotion lasted all weekend.  It made for a wild ride.
  • Elephant Seal Close-Up, Ano Nuevo State Park, CA, 6/22 – Cousin Liz clued me into this state park.  So on the second of what was three trips to California this year; I visited the park and got this close-up of a seal.
  • Gene Soucy – Mister Air Show +Wing Walker + Aeroshell Team, The Arch, Saint Louis, 7/3 – This is the first of three pictures that I’ve picked that all fall within a week of each other.  It must have been a hell of a week.  This picture is from the Saint Louis 4-th of July air show.  Another Purple Cone Flower, Forest Park, Saint Louis, 7/5 – Cone flowers abound across the landscape of Saint Louis.  They are easy to find and also easy to photograph.  I guess that is why I love them.
  • Blue Sunset, The Cabin, MI, 7/7 – The final entry in this most productive week was taken by Anne.  I love the rich deep blue clouds in this sunset.
  • Many Visitors Have Been Gored By Buffalo, Yellowstone, WY, 7/27 – July continues to shine, first with a fourth of this year’s pictures, but also with our second WordPress promotion of the year.  Czar Joy, (Shouldn’t it be Czarina?) blessed this little blog and the hits began to flood in again.  I know that getting more hits in a day than I normally get in a month is just ephemeral fame, but it is still a fun ride while it lasts.
  • Red Sky At Night, The Cabin, MI, 8/16 – Another Cabin sunset, another lake boat, another great picture; there is no great artistry in shooting this shot, but it still makes for a great picture.
  • Sizzing Hot, Botanical Gardens, Saint Louis, 8/28 – Fun with PhotoShop, with this picture I’ve combined the Garden’s Dale Chihuly artwork with Anne’s fevered brow.  It is cartoonish, but Anne accepts it and I like it.
  • Like Notes On A Scale, Benton Park, Saint Louis, 9/6 – Every Labor Day weekend there are bicycle races here in Saint Louis.  The thrust of these races are for the semi-professionals, but each venue also includes a kid’s race.  The tree’s long shadows look like lines on a musical score and the kids racing to the finish line look like musical notes, up and down the scale.
  • Water Lily Pads From Another Planet, Tower Grove Park, Saint Louis, 10/10 – Switching between Apple and Windows photographic tools can lead to inverted pictures.  Usually this is an annoyance, but occasionally this is also an opportunity too.  It gives us a different point of view.
  • African Daisy, Monterey, CA, 11/5 – I love this flower and have photographed it before in the Garden’s Mediterranean House.  This picture was shot in a neighbor’s front yard, down the street from my parent’s house in Monterey.  Apparently, Monterey also enjoys a Mediterranean climate.


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