Maplewood Christmas Tree Walk

“Mrs. R.”  “Look, it’s Mrs. R.”  “Hey there, Mrs. R., how’s it going?”  “Why do you call her Mrs. R., her name is …”  These were the cries that greeted us last night at dinner.  We were having dinner out on Friday night at a new restaurant, at least to us, called Nosh.  In trooped the Maplewood-Richmond Heights high school choir.  The boys were decked out to the halls with top hats and capes, while the girls wore mob hats and capelets, all very Dickens.  They decided to carol the restaurant’s patrons from the staircase beside our table, so we had a ringside seat for their singing.  Although they really made our evening, they were just part of the festivities going on that night. 

On Friday night, the Maplewood business district hosted a Christmas Tree Walk.  We got there too late to watch the ceremonial lighting of the tree, but not too late for free hot chocolate, roasted chestnuts and warm mulled wine.  All of which were welcomed, on such a cold winter’s night.  We ended up walking up and down Manchester Avenue ducking in and out of the various shops, before settling down for a long winter’s nosh.

In addition to the choir members, Anne met several other faculty members, students and friends from school.  All-in-all, it turned out to be a rather joyous evening.  Teachers don’t make near enough money for the difference that they make in other people’s lives.

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