I See Dumb People

I see dumb people, walking around like regular people.  They don’t see how stupid they are.  They only see what they want to see.  They don’t even know they’re dumb.  – A “quote” from the movie The Sixth Sense

The topic for this post germinated after I heard this news story about a man who dialed 911 and reported that a suspicious package had been placed on his front porch.  A police officer was dispatched and questioned the caller, “Is this the package, sir?”  “Yes, officer, that’s it.”  “Sir, I see that the package has the Amazon logo on it.   Have you recently ordered anything from Amazon?”  “Um, ah, oh yeah, I ordered a Kindle.”  Book’em Danno!  Case closed, another dumb person is caught in the act of being stupid.

With this preamble it is with some trepidation that I mention that I have checked out from the library the book, Blogging for Dummies.  I like the Dummies series and its competitive series, The Complete Idiot’s Guide.  Both series cover their subjects of choice with a breezy and witty style all the while informing the reader to depth that is surprising and belies the two series’ titles.  Anne is less enthusiastic about these books than I am.  She is still reserving her judgment about them and is waiting for the publishing of Ventriloquism for Dummies.

I am reasonably happy with this little old blog of mine, but in addition to the daily search for new fodder, I am also always keeping my eye out for new directions to take this blog.  To that end, I had to check out the Huff Post article about a half-a-dozen great time-wasting websites.  I would have loved to be featured among them, but unfortunately my blog doesn’t have a schtick like the ones featured in the article do.  I have chosen to discuss the three that I liked best.  I didn’t choose the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, because I thought that it was too dumb.  Wait… Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!  These are the three sites that I liked:

  • Please Fire Me is a supposedly anonymous website where readers can submit their own stories about how stupid there co-workers are.  This will work until the first reader’s post actually results in a firing and then the once begging to be fired ex-employee turns around and sues this website.
  • Hungover Owls touches upon my sense of avian adoration and features photos of sleepy owls after a supposed long hard night of drinking.  Each picture is accompanied by quipped captions that drive the joke home.  Basically, it is about dumb birds instead of dumb people.
  • Middle School Proverbs is the site that I liked the best.  For example, when the site’s author laments about the sentence, “Dog, I heard she got deportationed to New Jersey.”, so many things wrong with that sentence.

Anne could supply similar if not better fodder than is published on Middle School Proverbs.  She has daily access to the same deep well of material, but her sense of propriety prohibits me from sharing the same stories with you, that she shares with me, every evening.  Look back upon your life.  When were you ever at a lower intelligence level than in middle school?  In middle school all you have to do to see dumb people is to simply open up your eyes.

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  1. Today Anne will be teaching early childhood gym class, kindergarten and first grade.

    Think Sue Sylvester with mini-me students.

    She is fully expecting to return home tonight as a bowl of jello.

    Class form a line.
    Everyone face the same way.
    No the other way.

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