Anarcho-Fascist Kindergarteners

Anarcho-Fascism is one of those hybrid political philosophies that are really best left to five-year-olds to practice.  When adults try to practice these philosophies it almost always ends up being just all balled up.  Really, this is to be expected with almost any of the hyphenated political movements.  The hyphen itself symbolizes the dichotomy that is always present whenever two separate political beliefs are brought together.  As a recent example, I offer up the Republican-Tea Party movement.  Kindergarteners are uniquely blessed among humans and are more than capable of holding two disparate belief systems in their minds, simultaneously, without the slightest bit of consternation.

Anne confronted the Anarcho-Fascists when she taught kindergarten this week.  Being five-year-olds, the kindergarteners, barely follow the rules anyway, so anarchism comes naturally to them.  During morning gathering, little Johnny says he can sit over here, but all of the rest of the class yells that is not his place.  This anarchy was fully expected.  What was not expected was their fascism.  “We don’t use the whiteboard for gathering, we use the green paper.”  That is how it is done!  So only the substitute must follow the rules?  These Anarcho-Fascists may think that they are tough, but compared to the sixth graders, they are still just only kindergarteners.

Anne substitutes throughout the school district.  So like their predecessors she might see these kindergarteners through the years, as they climb their ladder to their 2023 senior year.  Well, maybe not these too young youngsters for Anne.  I think that it is her procession through the arc of their ever rising grades that these children progress through that keeps her going.  This is especially true through the tough days and there were a couple of them this week too.  In past years she has seen kids that were major pains, convert and become adults and even apologize for their past behavior.  Dan and Dave have long since graduated, but Anne still regularly attends each year’s high school graduation.  She likes to see her anarcho-fascist kindergarteners finally walk across the stage.

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