The photos included with this post were taken while walking the ridgeline road that my folks live off of.  The ridgeline sits astride Monterey and its bay and the Carmel Valley.  The African Daisy adorns one of the neighbor’s front yard.  I believe that the California Thrasher, shown sitting in the middle of the road is a juvenile.  Friday’s sunset painted the approaching clouds with every color and hue from red to blue.

On Friday night Chris and I went to go see the movie Red.  Star studded, based upon a comic book, this spy thriller doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should you.  But not being a serious work of art, doesn’t mean that this movie isn’t enjoyable to watch, because it is great fun.  The movie’s title is an acronym, Retired Extremely Dangerous.  The is the AARP of spy thrillers.  In fact AARP has given this movie two thumbs up.  At the heart of this film is a Bruce Willis movie.  Willis, overacting again, reprises this Die Hard roles.  Mary-Louise Parker is the female lead.  Calling her the love interest would be a bit of a stretch, because neither she nor Willis spark much more romance then what they do with their initial telephone relationship.  Like Willis, John Malkovich over acts, but his contribution is still fun.  Helen Mirren plays the classicist machine-gun toting action hero that I have ever seen.  She gets shot in her side, but only bleeds a little and only decoratively onto her full length, white, evening gown.   Morgan Freeman plays the black sidekick and of course is the first to die.  Oh, is that a spoiler?  I don’t think so.  Freeman has lamented that he rather play the villain, because then he is at least in the movie to the last scene.  Richard Dreyfuss gets the villain’s role in this movie though. Ernest Borgnine at 93 wins the prize as the most geriatric member of this senior class cast.  The movie, Red, not much substance, not much plot, not much action either, just a lot of old but still good actors having a good time and you will too, unless you’re just a thumb-sucker?   Well are you, punk?

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