I smell the blood of an Englishman Texan,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.

– San Francisco’s 2010 edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

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For a team that barely made it to the playoffs, the San Francisco Giants are looking pretty good on this Saturday morning before game three of the World Series.  They are up two games to none over the Texas Rangers.  For all the pre-series talk about great pitching the first two games have been real slugfests.  Game one at least had the appearance of a contest and some semblance of back and forth, but ended in a commanding Giant’s victory of 11-7.  Game two was close until the eighth inning when the Giant’s let loose with a barrage of seven runs, for a 9-0 shutout.  Maybe the Rangers just snuck out early, in order to beat the traffic and get back to Arlington sooner?  Anyway you slice it, the Rangers need to quickly learn the steps to the Texas three-step and sweep their three game home stand. Otherwise, the way things are going now, come the witching hour on Halloween the San Francisco Giants are going to go Boo! and then the Texas Rangers are just going to disappear.
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Earlier this week I spoke with my Dad and asked him which team he would be rooting for, the Giants or the Rangers.  He seemed aghast that I would even ask such a question.  I thought that it was a reasonable question, because although he lives now in the shadow of the Bay Area, he had lived for twenty years in Arlington, Texas.  In truth though, I had my tongue planted firmly in my cheek when I asked this question and I got just the reaction that I was looking for, “That’s George Bush’s team!”  I too wish the Giants well and hope that they sweep this series.  Sorry Carl, but spring training is still a few months away and a few more games won’t make it come any sooner.

The Giants last won the World Series in 1954, which also happens to be the year of my birth.  1954 featured a four game series too.  At that time they were the New York Giants and had not yet moved to San Francisco.  In the sixties, when we use to live in the Bay Area, my brothers and I use to idolize the Giants along with the likes of Willie Mays.  In the intervening years my fondness for the Giants has been tempered with my newer love for the Saint Louis Cardinals.  This new love has been much more rewarding.  Since I have moved to Saint Louis, the Cardinals have won two World Series and appeared in another three.  I suppose one can become almost jaded after being treated to such a record, but such is the price of success.  😉

– Being all up in your business, le Marquis

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  1. The second game really was a pitchers duel, most of it anyway.
    Carl says Go Giants, but it would be more fun to have them win in San Francisco.

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