Jump the Shark

The forecasted rain held off on Saturday, so Anne and I set off on our bike ride, but Anne’s knee forced her to turn around.  I pressed on and got some me time and 16 miles. I also got to see the stretchered body of a motorcyclist in front of the History Museum.  I could go on about the new bike path segments that I rode, but this post is more retrospective.  I am coming up on my 1000th post on this blog.  The title of this post is an allusion to when a TV series crosses over from subsistent media to ridiculousness.  Here is a link.  I hope that this blog has not yet crossed over yet.

4 thoughts on “Jump the Shark

  1. So is Henry Winkler going to write a guest post? Yet.
    Or are you going to jump your bicycle over some shark, confined or otherwise? Yet.

  2. Hey, I know now how to generate comments. From now on any world misspelled, was intentionally misspelled, just to make a point. No matter how obscure or obtuse that point may be. Roight?

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