I’m Too Civilized to Blog

I spent most in not all of Saturday playing Civilization V.  I could go on about how this game has evolved in this fifth and latest edition, discuss the nuances of play mechanics, but I doubt that you are really interested, so I won’t.  Besides I have to get back to playing Civilization.  Ta-ta!

3 thoughts on “I’m Too Civilized to Blog

  1. too bad the boyz of noize aren’t around to play against (with) you! cuz somehow I don’t see Pooh sitting down to this one…

  2. You’re right, Jane, even if it was person v. person instead of person v. computer, I wouldn’t be interested.

    Joanie and I went to the Best of Missouri Festival at the Botanical Gardens. Lots of artists and food and wine vendors. (Free samples for the foodies and whiners.) I had a bad case of museum legs when I came home, so I knit and napped or knapped and nit on the couch until Mark finished his epic of world domination.


  3. Rey had some computer civilzation game (not too over the top because our computer is not set up to support intense gaming), but he did one setup where he tried to have the monks convert everyone in sight. I think it worked out OK.

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