Summer Movies

I’ve been going on all week about the one book that I read at the beach.  Some of you are probably thinking that maybe if I read a little bit more I might have more to say or something along those lines.  Well I may have only read one book, but part of the reason for that is that I watched three movies.  Years ago when Anne and I went to the Cabin we pretty much left the modern world behind.  In the early years the Cabin had just electricity and water and the water came through a garden hose from an uncle’s cabin.  The facilities were outback and heat came from the massive fireplace in the great room.  Over the years modern life has seeped into the Cabin experience.  One new addition brought hot water, a shower and a flush toilet, but the evening’s entertainment was still pretty much like it had always been reading and board games.  Time continued to march on though.  The kids went off to college and then brought their laptops back home.  At the Cabin these became personal entertainment centers.  Harry eventually relented and bought a personal DVD player and with NetFlix started watching movies at the Cabin too.  So with this preamble and my purchase this year of an iPhone I too brought Hollywood to the Cabin.

Date Night was the first movie that I watched and was easily the best of the three.  This comedy starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey portrays the leads as a middle class married couple that is kind of stuck in a rut.  The announced divorce of close friends acts as a catalyst.  Their weekly ritual of the date night is jumpstarted to then next level and they leave their rituals and their northern New Jersey neighborhood for dinner in the City.  A case of mistaken identity is all the spark that is required to fire the comedy that ensues.  “I’m going to count to three, one, Two, THREE!”  The trailer can be found on YouTube.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=%22clash+of+the+titans%22&iid=8460432″ src=”″ width=”500″ height=”758″ /]

Clash of the Titans was a swords and sandals special effects extravaganza.  The three and a half inch screen of the iPhone was none to kind to this movie.  When Liam Neeson who played Zeus announced, “Release the Kraken!” there was a crane fly hovering about that appeared more menacing and also larger then the supposedly menacing Kraken.  Sam Worthington pictured above played the hero Perseus.  In addition to Neeson, Ralph Fiennes as Hades joined this movie’s ranks of overaged and probably overpaid actors.  The trailer for Clash of the Titans can be found on YouTube.

Kick-Ass, my final movie, I will be kinder to than Titans, but not to Nicolas Cage.  His appearance in this movie is directly related to the losses that he suffered in the Bernie Madoff scam.  Unfortunately for the viewer his performance was as bankrupt as his portfolio.  That being said, the rest of the movie was excellent, assuming that you like comic book generated movies.  The theme of the movie revolves around a high school student who decides to become a super hero.  After getting his ass kicked he eventually finds a footing as the super hero Kick-Ass, but he and Cage are all upstaged by the eleven year old Hit-Girl.  The trailer for Kick-Ass can be found on YouTube.

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