Second Pressing

I woke up and by the time that I was in the shower I had an idea for today’s post.  It usually doesn’t work that way.  My idea involved a discussion of a book that I have just read and a play that I have just seen and their relationship, but then fate intervened.  Joy of joy or maybe more accurately Joy of reached down from on high and promoted this little blog to WordPress’ Fresh Pressed page.  Joy is the self-proclaimed “Editorial Czar” of and the defacto Fresh Pressed picker. 

This is the second time that Joy has picked this blog this year.  The first time was in April with a post entitled The Bike Stalker.  That was a mysterious and magical event.  I didn’t know what was happening at first and then when I realized what it was, I got giddy over it.  I remember bicycling on a springtime Saturday morning in Madison County, IL and hearing my iPhone tone off the new comments as Anne and I ticked off the miles.

This time I was more aware.  In between Jane’s comment and the end of my commute ten more comments were waiting to be moderated.  I’ve seen this show before.  To that end I would like to take this opportunity to promote Anne’s and my MS-150 bicycling charity pages.  Any donations would be appreciated.  They are all for a good cause, fighting Multiple Sclerosis.  Regular readers and former donors don’t be shy.  You know who you are.  😉

The pictures and the movie with this post are all about the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River.  It is just a little bit bigger than its neighbor, the upper falls.  The five of us, Anne, Jay, Carl, Ashlan and myself all marched down six-hundred feet to take these pictures and more importantly we all marched up again.   The following ditty covers the subject well:

The grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men;
He marched them up to the top of the hill,
And he marched them down again.

And when they were up, they were up,
And when they were down, they were down,
And when they were only half-way up,
They were neither up nor down.

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