Salty Down Bound

Anne sent a couple of photos from the Beach, that I am passing along in this post.  One of them shows a salty, an ocean going freighter, heading down bound, paddling to the sea.  The other photo she also took while standing on the Beach, but for this one, she turned her camera landward.

Some of my in-laws are self proclaimed boat nerds.  They either sit on the Beach or from their cabin observe the up and down progression of freighters.  The lake boats, the iron ore freighters that solely ply the Great Lakes our all well known and easily identifiable, even without reading their names.  This makes a salty the novelty.   Sometimes a salty reappears, but as often as not they are a onetime appearance.

Both of these shots are iPhone pictures.  So in the case of the down bound salty, the subject of this photo is tiny, but the picture is redeemed with the great color contrast of the sand against the water and the sky.  The foggy morning turning sunny picture is less dramatic.  You can see the rays of sunlight poking through the fog, but you can’t really see the dew on trees.

Last year I made a YouTube movie using footage from the Soo Locks, A Day in the Life of the Soo Locks.  The US Corps of Engineers runs the locks and posts 24/7 time lapsed photography of the traffic that passes through them.   I added Anchors Away as a musical soundtrack and away we go.  The movie gives you an idea of all of the ship traffic that passes through the locks on their way to and from the Cabin.

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  1. I’ll be heading north in about 24 hours – can’t wait! I sure hope the sunshine continues thru the weekend. although overcast and slight rain Sunday morning will help me pack up and leave to get home so Rey can watch World Cup soccer finals.

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