Wind Farm 2009

Anne’s latest creation is entitled, Wind Farm 2009.  The artist patterned her quilt after the windmills that have sprouted across the bay.  It was hand pieced for the Cabin in the summer of 2009.  She machine quilted it this summer to honor Betty Finlayson Nassoiy (June 20, 1922 to September 2, 2009).

The Soo Canada wind farm is an example of green technology that should be emulated in the lower forty-eight.  It represents the perfect balance between need and green power.  The greatest need for this location just north of the forty-fifth parallel is wintertime heating.  So with these wind farms when the cold wind blows it also heats the hearth and home.

We summertime visitors only see these Don Quixote targets in their off season.  Sure the wind still blows and power is still generated and used, but it is their off season.  The windmill farm’s work is not enough to sustain Soo Canada, but they are much more self-sufficient than their neighbor to the south.

WordPress has added a new method for me to post to this blog.  I can just phone it in.  I tested it for this post.  The following message is silly, but it gives you the idea.  It is a perfect medium for when I am on the road, at the limits of civilization or just too tired to write.  Look for more audio posts in the future.

After work on Friday, Anne and I drove down to Kimmswick for a surprise party for my newly retired boss.  This party was thrown by Denny’s family and we were honored to be invited.  A good time was had by all and especially by Denny, the guest of honor.  He is pictured at the top of the table.

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