Water Lilies

After Friday’s late night festivities, Saturday morning dawned slowly.  I was able to get up early enough to write this blog’s post for Saturday.  About the time I was finishing that up, people started to get up.  Bob and I went out for donuts,  LaMar’s Donuts.  LaMar’s is a Kansas City chain that Bob and Nink still remember fondly.  Google showed one close by so the guys headed out. 

We had some difficulty locating LaMar’s Donuts, even though my handheld WMD, Weapon of Mark’s Distraction, showed it to be where now a Ray’s Donuts stood.  It turns out that this store had given up its franchise and left the chain.  The store’s clerks explained that Ray was Ray LaMar.  They also claimed to still be using the Lamar’s recipes.  When we returned home this story caused Nink, the patent attorney, to furrow her brow.  

Joanie was there when we returned, so the five of us enjoyed the donuts, which were quite nice.  We could only elicit a grunt or maybe it was a groan from Dave, who had slept on the couch.  He gave up his room to Bob and Nink.

I biked in the Park after all of our guests left.  I got 16 miles.  Although the zoo was doing a land office business, the rest of the Park wasn’t too crowded.

The water lilies are already in bloom.  With all of the rain that we have had over the last few weeks, the lilies have got to be loving it.  The three different colored lilies were taken in three different ponds.  For some reason each pond would only produce one color of bloom, no matter how big the lily population.

After the bike ride, Anne and I went shopping.  We went to REI in the Brentwood Promenade.  I also shopped at Borders and Whole Foods, also in the Promenade.  I noticed that the old Circuit City property is being developed as a Nordstrom Rack, which is a clearance outlet chain for the Nordstrom department store chain.

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