mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

Anne, my muse, was not amused with yesterday’s header.  I thought that it was alright, but I was wrong.  She thought that the picture had too much nose in it.  I’ll grant you, that my nose was in the picture, but I don’t think that is what she meant.  Honestly, I was going for the eyes.  As a blogger, you have to keep your muse happy, otherwise your posts read as dribble.  I’ll let the readers of this post, judge the efficacy of my efforts to placate my muse.

The movie, The Muse, stars Albert Brooks as a Hollywood screen writer who has lost his edge.  His buddy, played by Jeff Bridges, suggests a muse.  Sharon Stone plays the muse.  She is will to help, but only at a price.  Stone plays a demanding muse, one that must be worshiped and lavished with expensive sacrifices.  Andie MacDowell plays Brooks’ wife and is also soon seduced by the muse.  The incessant demands of the muse begin to grate on Brooks.  This tension builds to the climatic meeting, in which Brooks pitches his new script.  The studio loves the script, but has seen it before.  Rob Reiner, the prior patron of the muse, has already submitted a similar script.  Numerous other Hollywood personalities appear in cameo roles, as themselves.  Things turnout alright for Albert in the end.  After all, he is also the director of this movie.  How you might ask?  Well, it is a mystery.

Last week at school, Anne was speaking with some of the faculty.  I’m guessing at lunch, but only because of the topic of conversation.  One of the them was British.  They were discussing what Americans and Britons each call fried potato products, in all of their varied forms.  In the US they are called chips.  In the UK they are called crisps.  We call them steak fries, over there they are called chips, as in Fish’n Chips.  So what do they call McDonald’s shoestring style fries?  Why French fries of course.

Dan emailed us on Tuesday, with news of his acceptance at the California College of the Arts (CCA).  CAA is in the Bay Area.  Now he has two schools to choose from, Claremont and CCA.  He has a choice to make, San Francisco or LA.   He still has to meet with CalArts this week, so stay tuned.

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