The Axe Effect

The title of this post and the picture with it, might have given you an erroneous impression.  This post is not about chopping down trees, it is about YouTube.  I have a YouTube account.  I created it in order to upload the movies I make and then I use it to display those movies on this website.  When I login at YouTube or return while still being logged in, I am automatically directed to my own special little YouTube home page.  Probably the most prominent feature of this home page is the section entitled, Recommended for You.  This section show videos that YouTube thinks that I would like to watch.  It is based upon the past videos that I have watched.  A fair percentage of the video that are recommended for me can be categorized as funny commercials.  Surprisingly, or maybe not, a number of these funny commercials are all from one vendor, the male deodorant manufacturer of  The Axe Effect.

When I first saw it advertised, on TV, not YouTube, I bought a can for Dave.  He used it and liked it and until he moved off to college, I continue to purchase it.  I sort of forgot about it until one night at the dinner table where Anne and I exchange anecdotes about our respective days.  She told me about one of her female students who had been raving about The Axe Effect, “It smells like Hot boy.”  I think that statement got me started watching The Axe Effect commercials on YouTube.  I’ll warn you now that The Axe Effect commercials are plainly misogynistic and some of the commercials are rather risqué.  Nevertheless, I think that they are fun, so without further ado, I give you le Marquis’ top ten list of The Axe Effect commercials:

10) The Axe Effect

9) He lifted up his arms …

8) God’s Gift to Women

7)  Axe in Paris

6) Girl Fight

5) Axe Spoof

4) Boom Chicka Wah Wah

3) Women – Billions

2) Shower Girls

1) Axe Hero

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