Super Chargers

My brother Frank has sent in another one of his stop action animation videos.  Some of you have already noticed it.  It appeared in the Vodpod sidebar widget yesterday morning.  This one is his longest one to date, clocking in at forty-one seconds.  I think that it is also his best.  Be sure to listen for his signature fart at the end of the movie.

The inspiration for this movie is the successful season that the San Diego Chargers are having this year.  They are eight and three going into this Sunday’s game.  On Sunday they’ll face the hapless Cleveland Browns who enter this game with a record of only one win and ten losses.  It should be an easy Chargers victory.  The equally hapless Saint Louis Rams also have a record of only one and ten.  I’m glad that they are not facing the Chargers this weekend.

Stop action animation is a time-consuming method to use to make a movie.  It requires a lot of patience.  Each frame in the movie is shot just as you would a still photo.  In between each shot the scene is updated.  In the case of this movie the clay penguin figure is moved ever so slightly.  This painstaking process is repeat at least twenty time for each second of the movie.  I guess that since Frank is using a clay figure in this movie it could more accurately be refered to as a claymation movie.

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