Autumn Morning Ride

Autumn Morning Ride

This week’s rain finally let up on Saturday and I launched early towards the Park.  It was cool, so I wore tights, like the guy pictured above.  There was a cross-country meet getting organized, so there were a lot of high schoolers running about.  I got fifteen miles. 

Later Rey, Anne and I walked to lunch at the Manhattan Cafe.  We had just sandwiches, no Anne-hattans.  Later we did Halloween.  I carved the pumpkin.  I did Jack from a Nightmare Before Christmas.  Anne made Jay’s pumpkin soup recipe.  I enjoyed it.  We all drooled over the less than a dozen trick-or-treaters that came.  Such is the level of Halloween intensity at our house.  After dinner we turned off the lights and settled in to watch the baseball game.

Today, Sunday, November 1st is the longest day of the year.  I don’t mean that it has the most daylight hours, that would be June 21st.  Most days have twenty-four hours this day has twenty-five.  If you can’t figure out what I’m talking about then you probably haven’t set your clocks back either.  Today we change back to standard time from daylight savings time.

Fall is fully upon us now.  There is no denying it any more.  All of the egrets and herons have left the park for warmer climes.  The detritus of straw from the evening hay rides is in the streets every morning.  The picture with this post ably shows that the leaves have turned and are now falling.

We’ve just finished celebrating the first autumn holiday, Halloween.  Thanksgiving, the high holy holiday of fall will soon be upon us.  Immediately following that will begin the Christmas season and then winter.  Where has this fall season gone to?

We have been busy this fall.  Anne has worked almost every day at school.  Work has been hectic for me too.  Rey’s visit has energized us from our normally staid ways.  So are weekends have been doing more than we normally would.  I guess time flies when you are busy.

Rey leaves today.  It has been a pleasure having him visit with us.  He is headed back to Knoxville, Tennessee.  He starts back working for the Smokies baseball team this week.  We wish him well.

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  1. Thank you so much for being a host to Rey. We really appreciate your hospitality and I think he had a great time there. You set the bar high. If you or your kids ever need a home away – we are here.

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