Happy Birthday Jay!

Happy Birthday!

On Monday, Rey, Dan and Annie went to the History Museum in the Park.  Later at dinner, Rey commented on the Lindbergh exhibit.  Most people don’t know that the main connection with Lindbergh’s airplane, The Spirit of St. Louis, and its namesake is financial.  A group of Saint Louis businessmen put up the money to build Lindbergh’s plane.  Consequently, they got the naming rights to the airplane.  In my mind this was a pretty shrewd investment.  It was a much better investment then say the Edward D. Jones dome, here in Saint Louis, in which the Rams football team now plays.

The real Spirit is in the Smithsonian in Washington.  When I first flew to Saint Louis, an accurate replica of it was hung from the ceiling in the Lambert airport terminal.  That replica eventually moved to the Science Center, when that venue opened up its new wing south of the highway.  Now it resides in the history museum, where it probably has always belonged.  Also in the history museum is a replica of the cockpit of Lindbergh’s plane.  Rey said it looked cramped.  Since he is pretty close to Lindbergh’s size and stature, he ought to know best.

The other exhibit that Rey saw and I’ll comment on is what I’ll call the famous former Saint Louis residents exhibit.  Soon after Anne and I first moved to Saint Louis we noticed this city’s tendency to adopt as its own any former resident that had eventually gone on to greater fame and glory.  Sometimes it seemed to us that the person’s residency was tenuous at best.  The list of famous former Saint Louis residents was already legion when we first moved here and its length has only grown longer in the meantime.  This list include such notables as, well, it is too long for me to enumerate.  Checkout this list on Wiki.  I’m thinking that now that Rey has visited lived here for a couple of weeks, when he goes on to eventual fame and fortune, we’ll now be able to claim him as a former Saint Louis resident. 

Anyway, I almost forgot the premise of this post: Happy Birthday Jay!  Nice towel too!  So, I was wondering what kind of suit would Canada be seeing, seeing as this is your birthday?  😉

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  1. Suit?!? A BIRTHDAY Suit of course.
    But I really like the bit of Wood Henge, or Japanese gate to the left, my right that is.
    And while I enjoyed the towel (courtesy of Knoxville) I really like the towels that I believe you guys got for us the year we were married. One is blue with red hearts (and visa versa) and the other green with different colour rectangles in and about. And I say is, because almost 25 years later, we still have them.

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