Seattle Photo Shoot

Today’s post is a photo blog.  I’ve collected a dozen pictures from my visit there.  I hope that you like them: 1) A baseball bat sculpture over the escalators at the main entrance into Safeco Field; 2) the plaque that commemorates the first Starbucks store; 3) hanging hot peppers in a produce stand at Pikes Street Market; 4) cut flowers at Pikes Market; 5) the piggy bank at Pikes; 6) the Boeing sign at Safeco, Jay, Carl (sitting) and their friend Mark can be seen in the lower left-hand corner; 7) scoreboard and lights at Safeco; 8) a fishermen sculpture at Pier 57; 9) a manhole cover near Pikes, with a street map of downtown Seattle; 10) the Boys posing as cheese heads at a cheese factory near Pikes; 11) a Potter-esque street address; 12) Pike Street Market restroom tile mural.  Today’s header shows Mariner’s right fielder Ichiro, crouching ready for the next pitch.

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