Back to School

Great White Egret

On Monday, I went back to work and Anne started school again after having the summer off.  The cool weather that we had enjoyed in Michigan, followed us home to Saint Louis.  The unusually cool late August weather combined with the start of the school year, made this late summer week seem more like fall.

On Wednesday, Anne and I got back out on our bikes.  With last week’s rain and travel, it had been a week since last we rode.  I rode in the Park, in the morning, before work and Anne rode in the afternoon.  The college students have returned.  In addition to getting fifteen miles, I did the bird paparazzi routine.  I saw a Great Blue Heron, Great White Egret, Green Heron and a Yellow Crowned Night Heron, but the big news is that the Kingfishers have returned.  For some reason, I had only brought the little Canon, so only the picture of the egret was presentable.  I never was able to get a picture of the Kingfishers, maybe tomorrow.  Anne had a half day, library duty, such as Marian … Madam Librarian.  She biked to school, then to the bike shop, then to the farmers market and then home again.  She got five miles.

In other news the Schnucks at Richmond Center will be opening a Kaldi’s espresso bar on Monday.  In addition to coffee it will also sport a gelato bar.  It will be perfect for those times when the DeMun Kaldi’s is just too far away.  😉

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