A Lazy Summer Sunday Afternoon

Blue Dragonfly

This year’s Tour de France is over now.  Alberto Contador won, while teammate Lance Armstrong finished third.  This was a respectable finish for Lance, but probably not the one that he had hoped for.  After the race Lance moved on to party with the new team that he will be riding for next year, Radio Shack.  Apparently looking back is not his strong suit.

After Saturday’s hammerfest, in which I was pummeled by the big dogs of Team Kaldis, On Sunday, I was ready for an easier ride.  I rode some errands.  I first returned a DVD to the Red Box at the grocery store and then biked over to REI, where I purchase new bike gloves, to replace the ones I lost in New York.  I briefly returned home to drop off stuff and then launched towards the Park.  Sunday was a beautiful day and so the Park was crowded.  I did my usual Tour de Bird, but except for one little greenie there were not many birds about.  Probably because there were so many people about.  I got nineteen miles.  As this post’s title says, Sunday was a lazy Sunday afternoon and what would go better with such an afternoon, but this rather lazy post.

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