Jefferson County Adventure

Today’s post is a guest blog, by Pooh:

BlueOwlWednesday I met an old friend, Sharon, with whom I used to work at the Corpse [sic] of Engineers.  We had lunch at the Blue Owl in Kimmswick.  There was a bus load of elementary kids having lunch in the main room when we arrived.  Fortunately, we were seated in a side room.  The teacher blew a whistle once, to give instructions before they left the restaurant.  Following that, a party of silver citizens was seated at the large table next to us.  There was a lot of good-natured jostling as they took their places.  Sharon said, “Where’s the whistle when you need it?” 

After we finished our lunch, (the Tropical Salad was great), we walked around the shopping district.  Kimmswick, MO  is a village along the Mississippi River and has lots of old houses.  Many of the houses in the center of town now house stores with antiques, collectibles, artwork and such.  Sharon knows a lot of the people in Kimmswick, since she spent many a long day sandbagging there during the 1993 flood.Stag Horned Sumac

We continue our visit at Sharon’s house, much to relief of the dogs and cat.  Ruby and Dakota Blue are big, friendly dogs, who love attention.  Ghost Dancer, the cat, really wanted to help when Sharon and I were winding a cantankerous skein of yarn.  We talked about knitting and beading projects, old friends, and many other topics.  Finally, it was time to leave.  Sharon made sure I knew how to get back to I-55, and gave me a heads-up about getting onto Lindbergh.

I figured since I was already “down South”, I might as well stop at Hearthstone Knits,  and see if they had the Berrocca Pure Pima for the sweater pattern I bought.  No such luck, but I did buy a skein of a different cotton yarn to test knit.  As I was driving home, somewhat uncertain of my exact route, I kept passing intersections that we had biked through on various Trailnet rides.  It seems odd that I’ve bicycled more in South County than I have driven there.  Where are my pink dots?

After dinner, I went to the Wednesday Night knit-in at Knitorious.  There were a lot of knitters there, and the conversation ranged from the profane to the sacred, and sometimes both at the same time.  That would be the conversation about attending a funeral, complete with Puppet Ministry!  We did get a little knitting done, too.

On Thursday Pooh biked in the Park.  She got sixteen miles.  The picture to the right is of a Stag Horned Sumac, blooming in the Park.  Today’s header is also from Thursday’s ride in the Park.  It features a trio of Mallards enjoying a bonus pond created by Wednesday’s night rain storms.

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