Bright lights, big city, just like I pictured it


Friday morning at 10:45 we were scheduled to fly to NYC. We got a call at 8:40 that are flight had been canceled. Joanie tried to race the clock and help us make an earlier 9:25 flight, but a longer then normal security line caused us to miss it. Due to weather in New York, ours was not the only flight that was canceled. After a couple more false starts, we ended up on a 2:30 flight. This flight was scheduled to get us into New York after six.

It looked tight, but it still looked possible to make an eight o’clock show. Somewhat foolishly seeming now, I had bought non-refundable tickets to see a Broadway show, for Friday night. The show is Exit the King, staring Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon.

New York’s bad weather continued to plague us. Our 2:30 departure first slipped to 3:30 and then until after four. At this point I called the theater booking agency and threw myself on their tender mercies and it worked! They allow us to re-book for the Saturday night show. Hooray!!

At this point, I called Don and DJ again, who had flown into NYC on Thursday and had planned to do dinner and a show with us and canceled out with them. I then called Johnny G. who is also going to New York this weekend and let him know about our plans for Saturday. He had a good story too. John is shipping his bike, while the rest of us are renting. To ship the bike he has to partially disassemble it and then box it. When he went to turn his handle bar, in order to get it into the box, his front fork dropped out and a lot of ball bearings fell out unto the floor. This all happened at eleven at night. He successfully threw himself on the mercy of a Philly bike mechanic.

Johnny had cooked up this trip. On Sunday there is a bike ride through New York City. It is called the Ride of the Five Boroughs. They close the bike route to cars and limit the number of riders to 30,000. So on Sunday morning John, Don, DJ, Anne and myself will be joining a few tens of thousand of our closest friends and ride forty miles through the streets of the Big Apple.

Did I mention that Anne woke up will some crud? Either she got it from me or from one of those runny nosed gutter snipe kindergarteners that she taught this week. I got her to the hotel, which is just off Times Square. By that time she was feeling a little low. I went out to the drug store and snapped this post’s picture. Now it it time to get some rest in the city that never sleeps.

4 thoughts on “Bright lights, big city, just like I pictured it

  1. But the banner, where was that taken? CA? Oh, and have a grand NYC adventure!—may the rest of it be more modestly eventful. Hope A/P is better today (crossing fingers)….

  2. Sorry to hear John lost his bearings; hang in there John it has to get better. Remember guys and gals: Rubber side down.

    – Ron

  3. if you have a chance, take some Bronx pictures for Harry. I think Holmes St and … can’t remember a cross street.

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