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 Tonight Anne and Joanie go to see Armitage Gone Dance.  I had planned to record the MRH High School Spring Band and Choir Concert.  Mr. Harris, the band director, apparently liked my recording of Rubberband Man, which is fast becoming my most viewed video, but I have way too many other things to do tonight.  Anne had the day off today, but has still logged more work than me this week, due to my illness earlier this week.

Today’s post features a collection of photos of Great Blue Herons from last Saturday’s Wings of Spring birding festival.  I’ve already posted the best of the lot, last Saturday, but I think these few also deserve to be seen.  Today’s header shows some of the rocky coastline easily found along the Monterey Peninsula.  This particular shot was taken in Pebble Beach.

Here are some odds and ends:

Speaking of things to do, my possible trip to Seattle in late July took a further turn towards probability today.  Will you guys be there?

I ordered a netbook, a Dell Inspiron Mini 12 laptop.  It is small, portable and cheap.  I hope to get it tomorrow.

Hunt for Gollum is an independent Lord of the Rings tribute film.  It is a not for profit film by a group of fans.  It is not affiliated with the Tolkien Estate or New Line Cinema and is being produced for noncommercial use.  The preceding link leads to the trailer.  The movie will be released this Sunday, May 3rd.  Previous fan tribute offerings had poor production values and limited distribution and consequently faced little legal opposition.  This one has good production values and good distribution, the legal fight might get more interesting then the movie.

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