Palm Beach – Part Deux


On Saturday morning, there was a farmers market going on at the first public beach up the road from the motel (at Lake and Ocean), so we stopped for breakfast.  A local elementary school (Panther) was performing there as a Caribbean metal drum band.  They were quite good.  According to their instructor this band has played with such luminaries as Celene Dion, who just happens to snowbird in the neighborhood.  I liked them so much that I think that I will use them as the soundtrack for this trip’s movie.  We enjoyed homemade Argentinean empanadas (the mother was right there making more) and other tasty treats to eat.  There were lots of bicyclists out and about.  Overheard was a cyclist’s comment, “If you don’t like today’s weather, you’re just too picky!”  After breakfast we walked the beach.

We drove to an excellent local bicycle store, Lake Worth Bicycles and rented bikes. Leaving the car we biked back across the inland waterway, to Palm Beach.  We headed north on Ocean Ave. to Worth Ave.  Worth is to Palm Beach as Rodeo Drive is to Beverly Hills.  It is full of boutique shops, but for some reason, there were no restaurants there.  We crossed the inland waterway again in our search for food.  We saw many ospreys circling the taller buildings of downtown West Palm Beach, riding the thermals and also searching for food, as pictured below.  It wasn’t really hot, I think the high for the day was 81, but the sun was very bright (it was near noon) and we were beginning to feel beat down by it. 


Eventually we settled on the Norton Art Museum’s café.  It hit the spot.  Afterwards we viewed the two visiting shows.  The main show compared the works of Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keefe, both contemporaries, know associates and whose works often overlapped by capturing the same southwestern scenery.  I liked this show.  The second show was a so-so impressionist’s show.  After the museum we remounted the bikes and rode though a freshening headwind back to the motel.  We got 16 miles.

We showered and then enjoyed another Watermelontini at the bar.  The seagul pictured above was hovering over the patio.  The stairs to the beach were now open and we walked the beach before dinner.  The sandpiper pictured below was part of a flock that we saw on the beach.  We returned to the Lake Worth night scene and dined at the Cottage.  Dinner was fine, fish again, this time salmon.  A jazz band started up and key lime pie completed the evening, so ended a perfect day.


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