Going Home?


UPDATE: Well, we made it home alright.  It is too late for a real post, that will have to wait for tomorrow and of course the inevitable home movie to follow later still.  We had a good time!

As you might have guessed from the absence of any blog entries, I was off the net since last Friday.  Here at blog central, I have the tools I need to do the blog job, but then I am tied to the homestead.  When I’ve wandered in the past nine months of blogging, I have done one of two things.  One, as I have done like this last week, I have gone on a blog vacation.  Or for short trips, especially business trips, I can pre-load blog entries.  Neither of these approaches seem to really work well.  You either get no blogs or bad blogs.  I’ll have to give this blogging/travel issue some more thought.

Just a quick post.  We’re leaving FL this morning … we hope.  The morning news accounts are full of dire predictions, both for weather and more importantly air travel.  With luck we’ll take off towards Atlanta at noon today.  With bad luck we’ll spend another day here, in Palm Beach.

We’ve had a great time, full of sun, surf and of course biking.  The only hills here are the overpasses.  No idea on how many miles we got here, I’ll have to google map our course when (if) we get back.  Lots of great pictures too.

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  1. I would never push anyone toward buying a smart phone but I have to say it is an amazing feeling to be able to blog from the middle of the Mackinac Bridge! 🙂

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