Heat Wave


Saint Louis set a record today, a record high temperature of seventy degrees.  It was on just such a February weekend, years ago that our friends Alice and Chris came to visit us.  Alice had also come to Saint Louis to interview for a job.  We cautioned them that this was not the usual weather.  That this was unusually warm weather for Saint Louis, but the city had come to life on that rare, warm February weekend.  I think it was that vibrancy of life, warmed by a February thaw that sold them on Saint Louis.

Today was just such a day in February.  Anne and I launched towards the Park this morning, but not before both of us returned to the basement, shedding layers of our clothes.  It was already warmer outside then it was in the basement.  Passing Wydown middle school Anne spied a red tailed hawk.  I circled back and got a couple pictures of it, but today’s grey skies didn’t go with today’s temperatures or my mood for today.

The Park was crowded; the Saint Louis Track Club was hosting a so called “Frozen Toes” run.  We snaked around the race and headed towards downtown.  For a change of pace we rode down on Laclede.  We first saw the Arch set and then rise again as we approached the rise to Grand Avenue.  We cut through SLU and then made our way over to Locust.  The Tap Room was already gearing up for their cod and casks party, but it was too early for either, at least for us.

At Fifteenth Street we moved over to Washington and then circled back towards home.  We saw and took pictures of an interesting rehab, at the intersection of Washington and Josephine Baker Boulevard.  Again though, today being a grey day the picture just didn’t work.  We got twenty miles today.  Tomorrow’s weather doesn’t look to be record breaking, but the forecast still looks pretty good.

Today’s pictures are from years past, but both show the promise of spring.  This post’s picture shows flowers from the gardens and today’s header shows flowers from Ann Arbor, near Jane’s place I think.

5 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. Rey said it was 60+ degrees in Knoxville yesterday, after having been in the 20’s the day before. We are sitting in the 30’s to 40’s range. When the sun comes out it almost feels warm, and the first points of the spring flowers showed themselves in our front yard this morning.

  2. 40s yesterday, lower 30s at 0-dark-30 today, leaving intermittent sheets of black ice across the roads. Probably not bad for driving but walkers and bicyclers beware.

  3. That pic could actually be from my old yard – I did have lavender next to the orange thingys. my current apt – not so much. we’ll see if the tulips and daffodils come up again this year. 😉

  4. The orange thingies are butterfly weed. Same family as milkweed, which gives Monarch butterflies their yucky taste.(to birds, no personal experience)

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