January Factory Output Surges

Economists were stunned today when Anne revealed her January production figures.  The Walleye Stream Journal trumpeted, “Anne’s production output is like a ray of light brightening our dismal economic scene.”  The New Yarn Times editorial board exclaimed, “Basic American ingenuity has triumphed again.  Anne has turned the corner and beckons the rest of America to follow her.” and chiding the President asked, “Mr. President, why doesn’t your stimulus package have provisions for knitting?  Shouldn’t you be doubling down on success like Anne’s instead of throwing good money after bad banks?”  Anne had no comment to all this media attention, except to say, “It is February now, and I have more work to do.” and “I wish my husband would quit blogging about me and get a life of his own.”


Above you see Anne modeling Kubie’s cap, with ear flaps.


Above Anne is seen modeling Joanie’s scarf.

In other news, zombies obstructed traffic in near by Collinsville, IL.  Frankly, I am surprised that zombies have already made it to the Saint Louis metro area.  I guess my end of days clock must have stopped again.  I am also appalled at the light hearted treatment that this story received on local TV news.  I suspect a cabal of secret zombie sympathizers among the TV media elite.  They have been longing for American viewers to be lulled into complacency, fed a daily diet of video pabulum.  Noted family expert on zombies, Dan, was reached by telephone today and said that he was monitoring the situation.  😉

It was cold this morning 18 degrees and a windchill of -4.  Rather then bike this morning, I walked, sans snow-pants.  I got two miles before work and another two over lunch at work.  Tomorrow and the weekend are looking warmer.  It looks like this weekend it will be a good time to ride.

Today’s header features bikes at VeloCity Cyclery, waiting to be repaired.  I’ve used another PhotoShop effect to mitigate the reflections from the flash.  I’ve elected use the cut-out effect.  Cut-out portrays an image as though it were made from roughly cut-out pieces of colored paper.  High-contrast images appear as if in silhouette; colored images are built up as if from several layers of colored paper.

I’ve added links to a few local web-cams.  We’ll  see how long the links last before they rot.  Anne has taught in the past at Wydown and I pass by it on the way to the Park.  Most of the web-cams are only good during the daylight.

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