Snow Storm


It had been snowing here since Monday evening.  Not steadily, just off and on.  It looks like we got about five or six inches.  This morning dawned white and bright.  Anne had snow days yesterday and today.  Yesterday morning, when I stopped at Starbucks on the way to work, I noticed that traffic seemed very light.  I called the company’s employee hotline just to be sure, because last year I drove to work only to find a company sponsored snow day, but no such luck yesterday or today. 

Today’s header and post picture were taken in Oak Knoll Park, where I stopped on the way to work this morning.  The morning light and new fallen snow were irresistible.  Most of the side streets were at best barely passable.  The arterials were a little better, but still snow covered.  I did see one guy biking to work on Clayton Road this morning.  Maybe he was crazy, but still rather awe inspiring.

The Tour of Missouri has announced that this summer’s Tour will go in reverse.  It will begin in Saint Louis instead of ending here as it has for its first two years.  This puts it in town on the same weekend as the Gateway Cup criterion bicycle races that are traditionally held that weekend.  This combination of races should make Saint Louis the capital of world cycling, at least for one weekend out of the year.  Also, Tyler Hamilton, the Olympic gold medalist, announced that he would be competing in this year’s Tour of Missouri.  Could Lance be next?

The Gateway MS society has announced that this year’s MS-150 ride will be returning to the Boone County fairgrounds, a venue that we enjoyed in 2003.  This is a much better site then the one at Midway.  This site and the new routes that go with it will feature the Amish country around Columbia.  It should be very enjoyable.

Last night Anne and I re-watched Dan in Real Life, probably for the third time.  This time, I checked it out from the library.  Starring Steve Carrel and Julette Binoche and an ensemble cast, this is a great romantic comedy.  It portrays a middle aged widower (Carrel) with three daughters over a family holiday weekend, where Dan again finds love.  Most of all, I love the title, Dan in Real Life, it has personal resonance.

Woot: One Day, One Deal; that is this website’s shtick.  Sean, one of the young guys at work clued me into this website.  Basically, the website sells just one item per day and it sells that one item for one day only, an interesting sales model.  Yesterday they were selling for $35 a pair, USB interfaced, computer controlled, Nerf missile launchers.  Now who do I know would have wanted those?  😉

In coffee news, Starbucks will stop serving decaf after noon.  It is billed as a cost cutting move, but I think they are just trying to jump start the afternoon economy, by only offering leaded coffee.  Also, I found a new Kaldi’s coffee shop behind the Wine Merchant on Hanley, just north of the parkway.  If they close my Starbucks I might have to go their for my morning go to work brew.

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