Something for the Macophiles

macophile: Someone who is excessively interested in, and in many cases obsessed with the Mac platform and/or the apple hardware it is often connected with.

This informational message from Steve Jobs called, Computers are like a bicycle for our minds, is a call for tech-job nerds to ride bikes.  The message is a bicycle exercises your body most efficiently and a computer exercises your brain most efficiently.  I’m not sure though, but I think that the computers that show up near the end of this video are PCs.  😉

I’m also not sure when this video was actually made.  It appeared on YouTube about two years ago, but Steve Jobs looks so young, I have to believe that it is older then that.  Jobs made news this week when he announced that he would take a medical leave of absence from Apple.  In his last press conference he didn’t look well.  Apple’s stock was down after the news of his departure, but so was the rest of the market.  I hope that he recovers and returns to the work that he does so well.

I totally agree with Jobs’ message.  When I first started cycling again, I was badly out of shape.  Even though I was passed on the Park’s bike trail by most of the other cyclists and more than a few of the  rollerbladers, I could still pass the runners.    It was a great boost to my psyche and helped motivate me until I could get faster, being able to pass younger and fitter people.  Likewise, I find this blog a great mental exercise.  Don’t laugh, you don’t know what I was doing with my spare time before I started blogging.  Well maybe some of you do.  At least I have curtailed those blast emails.  So Mac lovers and even if like me you are a PC, listen to Steve Jobs, ride a bike!  Thanks to EcoVelo for the steer.

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