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The pictures for today’s post were taken last Saturday.  Last Saturday was a grey and misty day.  This weather must be the cause of the light posts in front of the History Museum to have been illuminated at noon.  The picture above has been PhotoShopped.  I used an effect called dry brush.  The original photo is below.  You can see how the dry brush effect has smeared out some of the detail, like most of the cracks in the pavement.  I show you this effect because I think it gives the photo the feel of an impressionist painting.  I also think that as PhotoShop effects go this one is relatively subtle.  I especially like how the grey on black on the posts plays so well with the effect.


Both Anne and I got some good news at our respective jobs.  Anne got a letter today letting her know that as of the first of the year she had started getting a raise, a good raise.  You go girl! 

Today, I got an award at work.  Nothing much to talk about, but welcomed still the same.  In addition to the certificate of appreciation and the small monetary reward, I got a cloth patch.  The patch has an exclamation point on it.  The manager handing out the awards explained that if you didn’t know the significance of the exclamation point then you hadn’t work hard enough to deserve it.  To that comment, all I can say is if you the reader don’t understand the significance of the exclamation point then I can’t tell you.

Update: Happy Birthday, Kayak Woman!!

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