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VeloCity Cafe and Cyclery is a new (at least to me) combination cafe and bike shop.  It is located on De Baliviere, just north of the Park.  If you exit the Park at the History Museum and head north, it is just north of Forest Park Parkway, next to the Forest Park MetroLink stop.

As the name implies it is a cafe with coffee drinks and breakfast($5) and lunch ($5-8)  entrees.  It is also a bike shop, offering repair services, bike rentals and sales of accessories.  It also offers free Wi-Fi.

We heard of VeloCity through Kubie.  She invited Anne to participate in next month’s Women’s Frozen Bike Series (PDF), sponsored by Team Revolution.  Here is the deal:

Register BEFORE and pay $50 before or on 1/11. On the first ride day, you’ll receive a punch card to track your attendance.  Ride the 15 mile group ride(s) on four weekends in January.  For each weekend you ride you get $10 back.  Ride all four weekends and get a T-shirt.  Anne is going to register.

I snapped this post’s photo while biking in the Park.  I got 25 miles.  I made my sanity quota and saw seven other cyclists today.  Tomorrow’s much colder forecast may make making my sanity quota more difficult.


This afternoon Anne and I jumped in the car and drove 45 miles west of here to Union.  Anne had heard on TV that Scheer’s would be closing this year.  So off we went.  We got there about 3:30 and it was already getting dark.  The picture above shows our tree pick.  When we got there they handed us a saw and a square of cardboard to kneel on.  I got Anne to pose with the cardboard held up.  I subsequently photoshopped it.  In truth Anne has been quite busy knitting Christmas presents.  Tonight we will walk over to the neighborhood bike shop, Mesa Cycles, that is holding an art opening.

UPDATE: Back from the opening.  Saw Kubie there.  Met Stephanie, the organizer ot the Frost Bike Series.  Had a few yum yums. Oh, and saw some art.  The art was all photography and all area racing.  It was nice.

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