Bike Lights


This year’s Christmas lights display is a reprise of an idea that Anne and Dave used a few years ago.  I was on travel a lot that holiday season and they decided to do the the job of putting up the outdoor lights.  Usually I string the lights along the top of the porch rails and along the bottom of the porch awning.  It looks a bit like a movie theatre’s marquee, but is easy to do.  I like this idea better.

Dan has been looking for an apartment and thinks he has a line on one.  Dave is due back from school tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also the last day of school this year, where Anne teaches.  Today she had preschoolers, who were rather wound up for the holidays.  Tomorrow is also my last day for the year.

I had another luncheon today at work.  After going through the serving line, I went to the conference room to eat.  As I walked into the conference, the conversation between the two people already sitting there stopped.  As I found a seat one of our group’s wags quipped, “Mark, we were just doing your performance evaluation.  You did not make your goals this year.  That’s OK though, that met expectations.”  I thought it was funny. 

In other news, a poll showed that 37% of Americans Unable to Locate America on Map of America.

2 thoughts on “Bike Lights

  1. Love to ride a bike tricked out with wheel-lights (sometime)! That was a secret dream of my childhood (never fulfilled, but that’s okay!)….

  2. This bike would be hard to ride. Not only is it on a short tether (extension cord) to the house, but the back wheel is flat and taco’ed, courtesy of Dave’s first winter at the UofR.

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