Who Ate Here? We Did.


This is a shout out to Sam!  This Majestic Restaurant & Bar is in the Central West End.  Anne and I had breakfast there on Saturday morning.  This Majestic is well, think the My Big Fat Greek Wedding restaurant, only tone it down a bit since this is Saint Louis, not Hollywood.  Anne ordered Bill’s Omelet with gyro meat, feta cheese, tomatoes and onions.  I ordered the just eggs over easy, bacon, fried potatoes and toast.  The waitress let us both know that Anne had made the correct choice and I had not.  She even came back at the end of the meal to make sure I really understood.

2 thoughts on “Who Ate Here? We Did.

  1. Hey, Marquis! Maybe we should start a list of “Majestic” eateries? Something like the Detroit paper doing an article on all the Sportsmen’s Bars/Taverns/etc. in Michigan (really happened)…. I think JCB’s favorite breakfasts to order is Anne’s Omelet, but it’s not at our Majestic….

  2. P.S. We noticed that the Majestic still had the old Fat Tire Ale tap handles, not the new new ones. (See Blog Fodder?? All about Don!)
    P.P.S. Next time we’re there I may try the spinach, feta and tomato omelette.

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