Wildlife in the Park

It was just above freezing when I left to go biking today.  I was wearing my Woolie Boolie socks, tights, second pair of tights with a wind shield, Gortex socks, bike shorts, shoes, over-shoes, base layer top, bike jacket, balaclava, neoprene skull cap, helmet, new eyeglasses, glove liners and lobster claws.  I stayed toasty warm throughout the 25 mile ride in the Park.  Anne took the picture of me upon my return.

It was pretty quiet in the Park today.  The only activities going on were on the ball fields.  There were games of football and soccer going on.  I had stopped to take pictures of the foliage, when the guy pictured above went scooting past me.  He was riding some sort of scooter.  It was a tricycle and the rider stands instead of sits, like on a Segway.  He was already a half mile away when the traffic cleared and I turned to give chase.  He disappeared over a rise and when I got to the top of it he was no where to be seen.  He must have been going a lot faster then a Segway travels.  The Science Center has some Segways and people tour the Park in them.  They are pretty easy to catch.  There is a logo on the front that says American Patriot, but I couldn’t locate anything on the web about it.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for this guy.

The big news today though is that I saw a deer in the Park.  I have never seen one there before.  I’ve seen deer just north of the Arch, but never before in the Park.  I’ve seen red foxes, coyotes and wild turkeys in the Park.  One dark morning several years ago, I was climbing up to the High Point.  I was on the bike path and just as I reached the top of the hill I flushed a turkey that had been roosting along the side of the bike path.  We were side by side each other.  I don’t know which of us were more frightened.  That was a very big bird.

Today, the deer was walking along near the road.  There was a Park Ranger and several women watching it when I arrived.  The Ranger said that the deer had been hanging out in the Park all day.  Earlier today he had seen it running around and “playing” in one of the soccer games.  At the time I saw it it seem to be following one of the women walkers.  Later today I was speaking with Kathy the neighbor across the street.  I told her about the deer.  Earlier this year she had seen a doe with two fawns in Deer Creek Park, about two miles south of us.  😮

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  1. I got yesterday as well, currently don’t have working heat in my house so figured I might as well get on the bike. My toes were miserable. Countdown to spring?!

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