A Night Out on the Town

Anne went to an art fair yesterday afternoon and bought the vest that she is seen wearing above.  She is squinting into the sun, but this angle gives the best view of the vest.  It shows some of the complexity of its weave.  We went out to dinner with Joanie last night, the Pasta House Company, in the central west end.  There was a Halloween party going on in the streets, so a lot of the patron’s of the restaurant and all of the help were in costume.  Anne and Joanie dropped me off at the near by MetroLink stop and headed north to UMSL, to see a dance version of Dracula.

What with all of the construction going on around the MetroLink station, I stumbled around in the dark for a while.  I even let one train get by, before I made it to the platform.  I caught the next train and still made it to the Scottrade Center before the game started.  My seat was in a luxury sky box.  There were a dozen of us there.  Mainly the guys from work, plus a few wives.  Having just finished dinner, I couldn’t really enjoy the free spread.  We socialized and watched the game.  The Blues won, beating the Florida Panthers four to nothing.  What with the game well in hand, I left a little early in order to beat the MetroLink crush.

The first train to arrive was the one I wanted, the blue line.  I got off at Washington University’s Big Bend stop and hiked the mile home.  I made it home in time to watch most of Saturday Night Live and before Anne made it home.  Getting out on a Saturday night was fun.  It sure beats surfing the web all night.

OBTW, as I’m sure you all know, Michigan State beat Michigan.  Go Green!

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