Sears’ Robo Call

Living in a battleground state we get our fair share of robo calls.  Calls from John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and the rest.  One of the funniest this week came from Sears:

I rode in the Park this morning.  Forty degrees to start with on what looks to be a cool, clear and bright fall day.  I got 25 miles.  As the picture above shows fall colors are starting to come in here.  Anne and Joanie are at a neighboring art fair.  The three of us likely will go out to dinner tonight.  Anne and Joanie have dance concert tickets tonight.  I will be joining some of the guys from work at the Boeing box tonight to watch the Blues play hockey.  No hockey mom in chief tonight, that was last night.

1 thought on “Sears’ Robo Call

  1. We always get a kick out of the Public Library calls, usually to Rey to tell him his books/CDs/etc have arrived. I don’t know how they decide which syllable to put the accent with, and they say Reynard with three syllables.

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