Teacher Says, “One, Two, Three, Eyes on Me.”

And you respond, “One, Two, Eyes on You.”  That is if you are a fourth grader or about ages nine or ten.  Fourth grade life is very structured, but as a fourth grader you are not without your rights and responsibilities.  For example, under rights you get two hall passes each day, a red pass and a green pass.  The red pass allows you the fourth grader to go to your locker to say retrieve your homework.  The green pass allows you to go to the rest room.  These passes are in addition to the regularly scheduled visits to these places.  And come on people, one extra trip is all you should need, after all you are nine years old!

Under responsibilities, you, fourth grader, have a job, in addition to being a student.  Some example jobs are:

Line Leader – First in line whenever the class has to move, everyone else lines up on you.

Door Holder – Second in line, you hold the door for everyone else.

Line Inspector – Not sure of your function, but great title.

Caboose – Last in line, you make sure everyone else is ahead of you.

Pencil Technician – AKA pencil sharpener.

Live Animal Protector – You feed the goldfish.

Mail Carrier– You take the attendance to the office. 

Paper Passer – You hand out papers to the class, your place in middle management is assured.

Pillow Master(s) – My go to guys and gals when I need a nap, you get pillows at reading time.

Now about the consequences of misbehavior.  For your first offense, you will receive a warning.  For your second offense you will be sent to the Refocus Area.  There you will be charged with completing a Vision Management Sheet.  Subsequent offenses may require sending you to the Buddy Room.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

Now fourth graders we’ve explained your rights and responsibilities and the consequences of not meeting our expectations.  Do you understand them?  Good! 

Now Wall Street you’ve had another bad day, Dow down 500+ points.  You know that in a few months that there will be a new sheriff in town and that you can expect some new regulations.  Before you start whining like a fourth grader remember this, if you act like a fourth grader you will be treated like a fourth grader.

OBTW, this post’s picture has Pooh posing with poke weed, from Sunday, as requested by Kayak women.

OOBTW, Happy Belated Birthday Jay, sorry you won’t be getting this from me, the Walkstation.  The perfect gift for the gal on the go.  Computer not included.

OOOBTW, Happy Birthday, Liz! 🙂

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