Happy Birthday David!

Dave turns 21 today.

We just tried to call David for his birthday.  We didn’t get him.  We are really proud of him, particularly because he is doing well in school.  And we really hope that he is studying for his bio-chemistry midterm tomorrow and not out drinking on his 21st birthday.  We were reminiscing about Dave’s past birthdays and came up with the following anecdotes:

– One birthday Dave was leaning back in the chair on two legs and fell forward smashing one of his toenails.  Ouch!

– His 13th birthday was on Friday the 13th we sent them out to play flashlight tag.  But we did not rent any of the Friday the 13th videos.

– In more recent years, like before he went away to collage we would take him to his favorite restaurant.

Additional October birthdays are Brian Chauvin’s tomorrow the 14th, Andrew Cohen’s on the 18th, Jay Regenstreif’s (Anne’s much smarter sister) on the 21st and Dr. Alice on the 31st.  If we missed yours or someone you know let us know.

UPDATE: He is studying, not for his bio-chemistry test but for his genetics test.  And he did go out to the bars last night, after midnight.

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