Wanted Goal Oriented Individuals!

Today we were already in Illinois when I realized that I had left the camera at home.  So today’s post’s picture was actually taken after our return, but you get the idea.  Our destination today was Madison County, IL.  Madison County is noteworthy for two things.  First it is a preferred venue for railroad lawsuits.  Because so many railroads run through the county it is easy to get jurisdiction there.  Plus the juries of Madison County are very sympathetic to the plaintiffs.  The second noteworthy aspect of Madison County is also related to the railroads.  Madison County has an excellent rails to trails bike path system.  There are literally hundreds of miles of bike path there.

When we got to the trail head the parking lot was full so we had to park in the adjacent Culver’s lot.  More about Culver’s later.  Anne wanted to get 33 miles today and we did get 35 miles.  That gives her 300 miles for August and yes I know it is now September.  That also gives her 1523 miles for the year.  Finally, it gives her 153 miles over our four day Labor Day weekend.  That is good because next weekend is the MS 150 bike ride and we want to do 150 miles in two day then.  I have added links to Anne’s and my MS 150 web pages if anyone cares to donate.  I have also added a link to Jay’s breast cancer research fund raising website.  Jay is another goal oriented individual and has her 60 mile walkathon in two weeks.

The ride was hot, but we made good time.  Many of the miles were in shade which was much appreciated.  The full parking lot correctly indicated a busy set of trails.  From Collinsville we took Schoolhouse Trail East to Goshen Trail.  It looks like Madison County is finishing a new trail to Troy from Shoolhouse.  We took Goshen through Edwardsville, picked up Watershed Trail and went to its end.  We then turned around and went back the way we came.

Afterwards we had lunch at Culver’s  Their cups have Culverism on them.  My cup had the following one.  People who have never eaten at Culver’s don’t know what they’re missing.  But I do and that makes me sad for them.  It is four o’clock now.  We have a Team Kaldi’s pot luck party tonight and I have to make Tabouli salad to bring.  So I will sign off for now.

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  1. Congratulations, Anne, on breaking 1500 miles!
    I am also around that mark, but mine includes
    500 miles in one fell swoop from RAGBRAI.

    Of course, if you had done the 80 mile Team Kaldi
    ride on Sunday, you would even be farther ahead of me! 😉

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