A pair of socks, two pair of socks, a most amazing paradox

In which our guest-blogging heroine discovers that sometimes less is more, and that a little surgery is just the thing. The knee socks for Bubs are too big in the feet.  Aargh!  Mouse says, “just take them apart, and reknit the feet.”   The middle segment shows the sockectomy in progress*.    The end pictures show Bubs wearing Franken-Sox and the Maquis wearing Sox-zilla.  How convenient for Mark that the too-big sock feet were the perfect size for him.  How convenient for Pooh that he likes short cuffs.  Onward and upward to the Olympics scarf which is in the colors of the Swedish flag.

*Technical notes:  (Jane, you can skip this part.)

I put the top stitches on a size 0 circular knitting needle and the bottom stitches on embroidery thread using a darning needle.  There were three rows between them. Cut one stitch, just one, between the safety lines.  Unravel the knit stitches between the safety lines all the way around.  Take the leg part and start knitting off the circular needle and back onto the size 2 dpns.  Reknit the foot.  Repeat for second Franken-Sock.  Put foot part on circulars and start knitting the new cuff.  Repeat for second Sock-zilla.

Acknowledgements: Yay to Mouse for the time saving suggestion!  Yay to Fran for letting me copy instructions for a sock pattern.  (I didn’t have mine, b/c I was already done w/ the tricky parts, don’t you know!)  Yay to Gloria’s Happy Hooker for advice, needles, and yarn for patterning the new cuffs!

7 thoughts on “A pair of socks, two pair of socks, a most amazing paradox

  1. It’s called Maze, and it’s a slip-stitch pattern from “Sensational Knitted Socks”, by Charlene Schurch. I forgot to put it in the acknowledgements, and also a YAY to Mark for bringing up this knitting book with him.

  2. Wonderful. Despite my current “slacker” status, someone is filling in with knitting content! I’ve never knit the maze pattern, but I do stare at it with alarming frequency. Great execution on the sockectomy!!

  3. Yeah, the high priestess of knitting has blessed Princess Pooh’s Post.

    Signed, why does everyone like her better,
    The Marquis

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