Are You Ready to Rumble?

Actually I mean ramble, are you ready to ramble?  Tonight is night of St. Louis’ annual Moonlight Ramble.  The Moonlight Ramble is sponsored by American Youth Hostels.  They close the course to cars and try to limit the number of riders to 20,000.  The Moonlight Ramble is held on the Saturday night closest to the last full moon in August.  It goes on rain or moon shine.  There is no rain in the forecast, but there will be plenty of moon shine, tonight is the full moon.  It is a mad crazy bike ride.  Tonight at midnight Bob, Nink, Anne and I will be rambling through the streets of St. Louis.  This morning I rode in the park.  I got 25 miles.  I saw the orange barricade barrels ready for deployment tonight.  So part of tonight’s secret course will go through the park.  This post’s picture is of the fountains in the Grand Basin.

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