Door to Door

Phil, Mary, Anne and I rode from Fish Creek south to Sturgeon Bay, yesterday.  We got 55 miles.  This ride was much easier then the day before, flatter and no wind.  Last night we went out to eat at Mr. Helsinki’s, something like oriental, modern, cosmopolitan cuisine.  Yesterday, Anne and I moved next door from Julie’s to the Homestead Suites.  Nicer room, but we’ll miss Julie’s.

Today Phil and Mary left the Door, so we are own our own.  We did get up and took a kayaking tour at the State Park.  It was just two miles, so you can call us under kayak woman and sou kayak boy.  We got only 10 miles on bike today.  We went to lunch and afterwards it started to rain.  Now Anne is shopping and I am blogging from the car.

PS – This little leggy said I could do 50 miles.  This little leggy sad I could do 60 miles.  This little buttocks said have fun, butt I’m not moving

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