The Great Adventure, Day 66

Ride: Day 66 bikes, Day 105 total Date: 7/15/82, ThursdayFrom: Foley Creek Campground to Mackinaw City (KOA)
Via: Business 75, M185 (Island Rd.) and inland roads, C-81 (plus backtracking)State/County: Michigan/ Mackinac, Emmet

Mileage:                       Time:

Start 3056                9:30 AM

Finish 24 miles           9:00 PM

Total 3080                 11 ½ hours

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: Paved except for short stretches on Mackinac Island and west of Mackinaw City, mostly flat, heavy bike traffic

Map(s)/Guide: MI State, County maps, Mackinac Island

Weather: Foggy in AM, Sunny and warm in PM, not too windy

Flora/Fauna: Tourists, Great Blue Heron (?) in silhouette, Daisies, cedar, Arch Rock

Others in Group:

Points of Interest/Mileage: Mackinac Island – The Fort, Arch Rock, Fort Holmes, Cemeteries, Skull Cave, Grand Hotel

Comments: A tourist day. We take the ferry from St. Ignace to Mackinac Island and play on the Island all day.  First we shop and Mark discovers why tourists are called “Fudgies”.  Then we ride over the island (by Skull Cave, battlefield, etc.) to British Landing site.  We ride back around east half of the island and then do the fort.  We ride to the Grand Hotel, but the admission charge deters us.  Pizza before the ferry fills us.  Good thing, since we have to backtrack five miles from road to Wilderness State Park (campground full).

Expenses: Ferry $20.50, C&C $0.60, $0.60, $1.19, $1.34, $1.23, $0.64, $3.25, Dinner $14.27, Fort $7.50, Beer $1.50, KOA $9.00, IGA $2.48, Total: $64.10, Trip Total: $3636.16




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