The Great Advenure, The Cabin

Ride: Days 87 – 103 total          Dates: 6/28/82 – 7/13/02

From: Cabin Days

Via: SSM, MI = 27 miles, SSM, Ontario = 30 miles, Brimley = 7 miles

State/County:Chippewa/MI, Algoma/Ontario


Start     2938                                        

Finish  64 miles                                   

Total    3002                                        

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: Flat, paved, low to medium traffic

Map(s)/Guide: [None Needed]

Weather: Sunny and warm, wind from the southwest

Flora/Fauna: [None Recorded]

Others in Group: Sarah, Barb and Janet on first trip; Cabin people; Cathy, Pat & Otto McNaughton; Anna Raeburn

Points of Interest/Mileage: The Cabin, what else do I need to say!

Comments:Anne & Bill’s wedding is great, though I find it almost as nervous to be a bridesmaid as a bride.  A little bicycle maintenance gets done, a lot of talking, beaching, cabining.  The trip to Agawa is scenic, but the early start and the train ride and the hiking has us sleeping on the way home.  I make a stuffed snake’s nest for Mark and Gina.  We go strawberry picking at a U-pick-em and get seven quarts.  Lots of freezer-jelly, one pie, strawberry daiquiris!  As usual the stay is too short.

Expenses: Total: $350.00, Trip Total: $3565.43

 [The log of the Great Adventure now goes on hiatus until Bastille Day, July 14th]

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