Another TGIF Week

As you might have guessed, Anne has completed summer school and is off until August 5th, when she will work the polls.  They took the “good” kids to the Science Center today and against their better judgement they brought them all back.  After school the faculty convened at Chuy’s, a Mexican restaurant, for a debrief meeting, Margaritas, et. al.

Today’s header is Robin egg on the front steps.  Yesterday, I ran over a baby bird with the car.  What it was doing trying to cross a four lane road in rush hour I don’t know.  The flower picture is there just to show that I can focus.

2 thoughts on “Another TGIF Week

  1. I recognize and agree that you can focus. You get extra points for changing your banner photo with every entry, too…. [no comment on type-size choice…].

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